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out of control crash. the scary scene at one of d.c.'s busiest intersectionses when a car hits two pedestrians and barrels into a restaurant. urgent warning. the new memo from the fbi this morning before the planned burning of the koran in florida. >> thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." >> it is september 9th, 2010. here's a look as the sun gets ready to rise on a nice cool fall-like morning. >> a change from yesterday. yesterday was pretty warm. >> in fact temperatures have dropped about 35 degrees since yesterday afternoon. and now we've got that first glow in the eastern horizon. sunrises are getting later and later. sunrise this morning about 45 minutes away. right now 65 in washington and
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it's in just the hlow 60s in prince george's county. upper 60s mere tnear the water. weather watchers reporting from the shenandoah valley and around the blue ridge only in the fifth there. we'll have highs today, though, with this strong september sun climbing into the upper 70s to near 80 and we'll have lots of sun again top. a bit of a blustery wind, but increasing clouds saturday, much needed rain likely sunday. how is the traffic? volume on the increase, but fortunately no big accidentses to report right now. 270 headed southbound always the first to show and today is no exception. from 109 to the truck scales, this is the face. relief is in sight. headlights continuing down towards the beltway.
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on 95 in the northbound direction, you'll hit the brakes off and on through wood bridge into lorton. and here's the pace just prior to the capital beltway. center is hov and that is certainly a lighter trip than the main line. back to you. this morning police are trying to figure out what caused a driver to lose control and crash right into a restaurant in the busy adams morgan neighborhood. two pedestrians in that area were hit and are still in the hospital this morning. it happened where florida avenue, 18th street and uc u st. >> reporter: one of the pedestrians has life threat anything injuries, so a serious accident that happened here. it was just a little before 9:00. according to witnesses, the
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driver of the car was coming down 18th street, it appeared that she was trying to make a left hand turn on to florida avenue when she lost control of her vehicle, she left the owed way, went up on to the sidewalk, struck two pedestrians and then will the car continued on into a restaurant. >> she was coming down 18th street making a left turn on to florida. there was another car that was coming -- either turning up 18th and making a right on to florida or was coming across florida avenue and it looked like she was trying to avoid the car, lost control of the car, and hit two pedestrians, she jumped the curb and ended up running into -- just crashing into that restaurant. >> reporter: nobody inside the restaurant was injured, but, again, two pedestrians were struck, one of the pedestrians has life threatening injuries. the driver did remain on the scene, in word on charges. no word on whether alcohol was a
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factor in this crash either. now, in terms of the restaurant and the buildings surrounding it, right now they're all cordoned off with police tape, not allowing anybody inside. they want to get engineers out here to take a look at the building to make sure that there isn't any dangerous structural damage. they'll do that later on this morning. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. and just days after a gunman invaded the discovery channel building, there was another frightening scene. a bus burst into flames right outside the building. it happened around 7:00 last night. a witness captured the scene. we're told the fire started in the engine. the bus was destroyed, but no one was hurt. this morning an alert from the fbi. it is warning of possible terror attacks in a florida church goes through with a planned burning of the car ran. tracie potts is staying on top of the story for us from which i will chicago this morning. >> reporter: the fbi says
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there's no evidence of a specific threat, but it has high confidence from credible information that extremists may retaliate if this florida church burns the koran saturday on the anniversary of 9/11. the pentagon fear it is cous it endanger u.s. troops. >> it's regrettable that a pastor in gainesville, florida, with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outrageous and distressful, disgraceful plan. >> but the pastor of that church says he has no intention of backing down even after his internet provider suddenly pulled both church websites. >> we feel that is an indirect of course violation of our freedom of expression, freedom of speech, because they are trying to shut us down. >> reporter: opposition is mounting from washington, from around the world, and from new york. >> about if you're about religion, whether kisian or muslim, request are do you want
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to offend people? >> reporter: heightening concerns is the controversy about building a mosque near ground zero. the imam behind that effort now says moving the mosque could cause a violent backlash from muslim extremists. a senior white house adviser says while the church has the right to burn the koran, in his words, it's not the right thing to do. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. arresting the fbi bulletin warning, agents do say it's standard operating procedure to get those bulletins. back in july, the fbi came across some online threats posted about the church. police in prince george's county are looking into the suspicious death of a three month old baby girl. police found the infant's body near the 6,000 block of spring hill drive in greenbelt. miss a police are not releasing many details about how she died. anyone with information is asked to call police. changes may not be coming to
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smart trip cards after all. metro was in additionally going to drop the price of the card there $5 to $2.50. they were also considering stopping people with negative balances on their cards from exiting metro stations. however, according to the washington examiner, metro realized the entire process could be a little too complicated and could cause the agency to lose a million dollars a month. metro's board is expected to take another look at the issue later this month. and get ready for more metro holiday station closures. the transit system will use the columbus day holiday to replace track switches on the blue and orange lines. there will be no blue or orange line service at metro center, the red line will, however, continue to serve metro center. metro did similar work on the red line over the labor day holiday. wild pirs, tornadoes and flooding, the dangerous and wild weather wreaking havoc across
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risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing.
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64 degrees out there. the tinge of orange. the sun is about to come up and look at that beautiful sky.
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>> we've gone from 90s to fall weather. >> kind of purple now reflecting that gorgeous eastern sky. and the sun still about over half an hour away from rising, but it's getting up later and later. and it has certainly changed overnight. a chill has descended upon us. in the 50s in many locations. only in the 40s from allegheny and garrett counties and into west virginia. near the bay, upper 60s. highs today near 80. lots of sunshine. a blustery wind. 50s again saturday morning. sunny in the morning, but clouds on the increase saturday afternoon with a high near 80. looks like rain likely, needed rain, on sunday. ought to dry out in time for the skins game sunday night. a look into next week ten minutes. how is our traffic? a couple of issues out of
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prince george's. an accident reported, no word on lane information, but we'll get to you. as we travel 270 southbound, 109 inching long southbound, but by the time you meet up with father hurley, the pace does start to pick up a little bit. around the kalt beltway, all is quiet past connecticut avenue. the headlights are on the outer look on the increase. along 95 in virginia, looks beautiful, but starting to stack up. you will find slow moving traffic leaving wood bridge headed up towards lorto ncht. back to you. 6:12 is your time. what's happening on highways across the country that hasn't happened since 1950? >> the d.c. mayor's varace is coming down to the wire and fenty is calling in a big favor from a friend with a big name. and a change at your local liquor store that could help make your ride to work every
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morning his congested. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our egg white breakfast sandwiches. hurry in and try one in delicious veggie or turkey sausage.
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a new opinion poll out gives vincent gray a leg up over mayor fenty. and with the d.c. primary just days away, the results have both candidateses hits t hitting the hard. tracee wilkins joins us live with more on the story. >> reporter: good morning. the chairman has said throughout this whole thing that regardless of what the polls may be showing, he is still not resting, that he's going to continue to fight. and the mayor is saying the same thing. according to it a new independent poll released yesterday, vincent gray's lead has grown to a seven point advantage. there is a racial divide between voters. >> just doing everything we can to touch people. >> reporter: but among white voters polled, fenty has the lead with 13% of the voters still undecided. the mayor says he will continue
6:16 am
his push. >> get as many of them to the polls as possible to convince those undecided and soft voters that we're the right candidate for the job. >> reporter: fenty is hoping for support from the white house in these final days. againdy was an early supporter of president obama. chairman gray had this to say about that. >> really reached out much more locally. we've touched people in the city, people who have been involved in the city every day. >> reporter: this morning we're expecting to hear from the board of directions. they'll rehighways numbers telling us exactly how many folks here in d.c. have been participating in early voting. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning. >> thank you. big endorsements this morning for prince george's county executive candidate baker. all three will be at a breakfast at upper marlboro to make an official announcement. and maryland's attorney general is taking action this
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morning after alleged voter fraud. the incident stems from a false ballot being handed out in the 26th district. it told voters to support candidates who were not supported by the official democratic slate. maryland attorney general took the case to court and is judge issued a temporary restraining order declaring the ballot illegal and ordered it not to be distributed. virginia's governor is releasing details about a plan that would private size the state owned liquor stores. governor mcdonnell says he hopes to raise more than $450 million by selling off the stores to private businesses. also included in the plan would be a tax on alcohol bought by bars and restaurants. and the number of liquor licenses would be tripled to 1,000. critics say that could heed to a liquor store on every corner, butt governor's office says that's not the case. the plan reserves most of the high senses for large outlets hike grocery and discount
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stores. the money raised would help fund transportation projects in the commonwealth. if lon loud dowen county, y continue to see holiday displays. the county board of supervisors voted against a ban on holiday displays. board voted 8-1 to allow the displays. it says the public has a right to free speech and that holiday displays are a part of exercising that right. surprising criticism from former cuban president fidel castro. he says their economic model doesn't work. castro made the comment in an interview to the atlantic magazine. his remarks appear to be consistent with his brother raul, who has repeatedly called for a gradual biwidespread reform. could you bba cuban's economy has been slammed. the country blames it problems
6:19 am
on the u.s. trade embargo. will is castro's first interview since he left office four years ago. president obama says it is time to extend tax cutses for the middle class, but he says the nation cannot afford the republican approach of extending tax cuts for the wealthy, as well. during a speech in cleveland yesterday, president obama directly addressed house minority leader republican john boehner. he vowed to let income taxes rise on the richest americans when president bush's tax cuts expire at the end of the year. he also proposed new tax breaks for small businesses. >> i don't think the american people want anymore stimulus spending coming out of washington. this is another short term spending measure. >> let me be clear to mr. boehner and everybody else. we should not hold middle class tax cuts hostage any longer. >> president obama said the republican tax cuts for millionaires is what helped spawn the economic problems the nation is now facing.
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we're for thing severe fol about extreme weather. firefighters in colorado are finally starting to contain one of the most destructive wildfires in that state's history. crews were able to contain about 10% of the blaze that has charred more than ten square miles and destroyed 135 homes. it forced thousands to evacuate the foothills west of boulder. no injuries or deaths have been reported. but four people are missing as many having ignored evacuation orders so they could stay and try to protect their home. in texas, what's left of tropical storm hermine has caused deadly flooding. at least two deaths are blamed on flooding caused by heavy rains. one victim was a 19-year-old woman whose car was swept off the roadway by a swollen creek. at least 100 high water rescues have been performed in texas since the storm made land fall. flood watches are now up in several surrounding states as that storm moves out of texas.
6:21 am
and those same storms spawned several tornadoes. one of which touched down in dallas. someone caught the twister on tape. check out this video here. the person -- one person was injured and several businesses were damaged by the twister. wow. wild weather. >> and meanwhile in our weather, it can't get better than that. it's gorgeous. >> what a fresh change. and look at this sunrise. i call this an orange smoothie sunrise. >> that's beautiful. >> and me without a straw. >> bummer. >> look at that sun coming up 25 minutes. 60s in the near by suburbs, but just to our west and north, it's in the 50s. quite a cool start right near the bay in the upper 60s, but away from the water, near 60. mountains only in the 40s. highs today near 80, with hots of sun. a bit of a bluster wi northwest wind. and more of the same on friday. saturday increasing clouds near 08. could get needed showers on
6:22 am
sunday. perhaps in the morning through mid day. p but drying out for the cowboys game. back to work and school should be try again. ashley, how is the traffic? we're looking at a very active camera shot, breaking news, new accident activity montgomery village at 355. it's under police direction and not a whole lot getting through. they were letting some drivers squeeze to the far right to get by in that right turn lane, and it does appear to be again under police direction. we'll keep you posted, but this appears to an pretty nasty accident. elsewheres as you make your trip around the capital beltway, after it 66, you lose the left lane due to an accident, but over here in maryland, this is the pace, chopper 4 live on scene by pennsylvania avenue. that disabled truck is causing quite the issue on the exit for pennsylvania avenue. people are having to go off road in order to get around that. and that's going to cause delay it is to trickle back on to the beltway several. so a slow exit there and once you get beyond that, pace does
6:23 am
improve. back to you. well, are you ready for some more football? >> i am. >> well, good. the nfl season kicks off tonight. also ahead, the growing problem in the area creating a very dangerous distraction for pilots. and news that should make you feel safer as you head out to work and school.
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>> the number of people dying on the roads is at its lowest level since 1950. the transportation department says traffic deaths fell 9.7% last year to about 34,000. safety officials say deaths are down because more drivers are wearing seatbelts, avoiding drunk driving and vehicles have better safety features. the rate of deaths per 100 million miles traveled also dropped to a record low last year. it is like christmas morning to many sports fans. the nfl season kigs off tonight and it all gets started with a big party in the big easy. taylor swift is headlining the spectacul spectacular. and then the game begins as the saints host the vikings. you can see both the pre-game show and gain right here on nbc 4 starting at 7:30. it is now 6:26. a new warning from the fbi this morning ahead of one pastor's plan to burn the koran. also why an ambulance in the district dispatched to help a
6:27 am
dying baby never made it. and pilots in the area point out dangerous trends that are compromising their safety and your safety in the air. c doubleeat, dtoda
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igniting concern.
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the new memo from the fbi ahead of the planned koran burning in florida. thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." >> it's a gorgeous cool thursday, september 9th, 2010. and there is tom's beautiful skyescape. >> is it mine? >> you said it looks like an orange smoothie, so you can claim it. you painted the picture. >> it is off to a beautiful start. and we had an incredible change from yesterday afternoon. temperatures have dropped 30 to 35 degrees just in the last 12 hours or so. and right now it's only in the 50s in arlington, fairfax, points west. mid-60s in washington near the bay. eastern suburbs in prince george's county just near 60 now. and in tmountains, only in the . weather watchers reporting
6:31 am
certainly feeling hike automali there. winds may get going again here today like they did yesterday. later this morning and into the afternoon. we'll have plenty of sthin with that strong temperature sun, up to around 80 with low humidity and 50s depend tomorrow morning, afternoon highs upper 70s on friday, winds should diminish by friday afternoon. and then saturday clouds developing with highs near 80 and sunday likely rain. we certainly could use it. looks like it will he said in time for the skins game sunday night. and now ashley, how is our thursday commute? >> this early morning we have breaking news. the accident activity continues. montgomery village at 355. this isn't the most dramatic shot we've seen, but drivers are getting by on the far right. they're under police direction. elsewhere as you make your way on 95 northbound, volume on the increase. you're on the brake from wood bridge up towards lorton and then heavy through springfield
6:32 am
past suhirleyton. exit to route 4, we have a disabled truck blocking the entirety of the exit, so drivers have to squeeze by on the shoulder. this does have far reaching effects because once you get beyond it and then you're on 4, you're in good ship, but trying to make that exit off of the capital beltway, it's slow going. so do use caution and if you're on 4, keep your eyes peeled for slower drivers jumping in the roadway will. back to you guys. brand new this morning, an alert from the fbi regarding that planned koran burden of proof burning this florida. the event could trigger extremist attacks. elaine reyes joins us with more. while the fbi says there is no evidence of a specific threat, it has high confidence from credible information that extremists may retaliate.
6:33 am
the state department has asked every u.s. embassy to take a look at its security.pentagon fears the burning will endanger u.s. troops abroad, but the pastor of a small church in gainesville, florida, says he is not backing down from holding his event. on saturday, he's plans to burn the koran on the anniversary of 9/11. government officials that tried to put pressure on the group to cancel, an internet provider recently pulled both of the church websites. >> we feel that is an indirect of course violation of our freedom of expression, freedom of speech because they are trying to shut us down. >> we prayed for this person, also, that may god guide him because we believe in our koran. we hate his crimes, but we don't hate him. we will ray for him that mpray
6:34 am
god guide him. the fbi found two online threats, one about the church and the other about killing americans in general. the fbi bull continue also discusses past events that have caused extremist groups to react including a south park tv show episode and various car tonigto. a local family is mourning the death of their four month old barry girl, but also trying to i go if out why the ambulance they called to help never made it. on tuesday, she got a call from her brother who was watching her daughter at her wassen conscious and had stopped breathing. their 13-year-old son flagged down a police officer. according to a police report, that officer ran to the house, began toed administer cpr and called for an ambulance. but the only ambulance in the city was eight miles away and was stuck in traffic. >> three or four closest units that normally would have responded to it that area were
6:35 am
on other calls. so as our units were responds, the police officers of course continued to provide the care. >> it hurt because she didn't deserve what they done to her. >> a pir truck with a paramedic on board was three miles away and rushed to the house after they finished another car. it was dispatched about six minutes after the police arrived. d.c. fire and ems says the response time was faster than the national average. this morning learned the victim of a deadly shooting in prince george's county is just 15 years old. the shooting happened in the 6800 block of central avenue in capital heights. when officers arrived at the scene tuesday night, they discovered 15-year-old justin panell suffering from gunshot wounds. he died yesterday afternoon. police have no suspects or motive in the case. a warning to anyone who owns any sort of laser device. don't point it at an aircraft or you're going to be prosecuted.
6:36 am
maryland state and i have quags crews and pilots are joining forces to spread the word. in recent week, police say there have been several cases of people shining lasers into cockpits. temporarily blinding pie hots and flight crew members. the most dangerous time for a pilot to be targeted during a laser is during takeoff and landing. ocean city leaders are considering outlawing the sale of hayeser pointers. new this morning, the federal aviation administration is finally close to proposing new rules governing the number of hours that airline pilots can work. it's taken the faa 15 months to propose the rules despite promising swift action. lawmakers and industry officials blame the delay on the process of trying to come up with a balance between safety benefits and the cost to the airline industry. the new rules come after the crash of a regional airliner in will western new york in 2009 that killed 50 people. an ntsb investigation found that both pilots on the flight were
6:37 am
probably suffering from fatigue, although fatigue wasn't a direct cause of the accident. it is now 6:37. the "today" show is next. let's check in with meredith vieira to see what they're working on for today. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, as well. and coming up this thursday morning on "today," wild weather across texas and the southern plains and the remains of tropical storm hermine. we'll get the latest on that. and then we'll hear from the rev rend of that small florida church that still plans to burden of proof the koran on 9/11 despite worldwide protests. and this week on our special series about first job, you see matt as a paper boy, me as a tap dance teacher. now it is ann's turn and today she's trying her hand as a baby-sitter. all that plus matt and al will be live in new orleans to kick off the nfl season. that's when we get started on a thursday morning right here on today. back to you. >> we'll see you soon. thanks so much. coming up, a fiery scene at the end of rush hour, what
6:38 am
caused this commuter bus to all of a sudden go up in flames outside the discovery building. also ahead this morning, wireless in d.c. we'll tell you why you'll now be able to say connected while you're out and about. 6:38 is your time. 64 degrees. a gorgeous day out there so far. tom will have your forecast and we'll take a look at traffic, as well. stay with us.
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you will step out to a cool refreshing morning. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. i'm tom kierein. just in the 50s in montgomery and fairfax counties and points west. mountains only the 40s. highs today near 80 with lots of sun. a wind midday and into the afternoon and more of the same on friday. saturday increasing clouds, near 80, much leaded rain likely sunday morning through perhaps midafternoon on sunday, but ought to dry out in time for the skins/cowboys game. a look into next week in ten minutes. how is the traffic? certainly a lot of company on the roadways. starting you off on 95 headed northbound, here's the pace. not it too bad through the springfield interchange, but elsewhere, we do have some problems. as you make your exit on to
6:42 am
route 4, those drivers are making their way on to 4 itself and that's causing a slow exit from the in-it ter loop to make it around that disabled trouble. it's and he bumpy ride, so be carefully out there. elsewhere along 95 northbound, we do have some delays. and you will find them, this is the mace just prior to the capital beltway. hovs doing fine and no big delays to report, but it is heavy through woodbridge into lorton. 63 degrees. metro once again will pull a number of stations over the holiday weekend. and if you use smart trip cards, request metro is thinking about putting two important changes on hold. and a scare ry scene
6:43 am
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two women are hospitalized after a car crashed into a restaurant in northwest washington. it happened where florida avenue, 18th street and u street all intersect. megan mcgrath joins us from that area with a closer look at the damage. >> reporter: a very serious accident. two pedestrians were struck and one of the victims is fighting for her life today. this all happened right before 9:00 last night, a very busy intersection of 18th street and
6:46 am
florida avenue. according to witnesses, a woman was driving down 18th street and appeared to be taking a left hand turn on to florida avenue when she lost control of the vehicle. the car went up on to the sidewalk, struck two pedestrians, and then finally landed inside a restaurant. >> she was coming down 18th street making a left turn on to florida. there was another car that was coming either turning up 18th and making a right on to florida or was coming across florida avenue and it hookliked like shs trying to avoid the car. most control of the car and hit two pedestrians, jumped the curb, and ended up running in to -- just crashing into that restaurant. >> reporter: nobody inside the restaurant was hurt, but, again, one of those pedestrians is facing -- or is battling-threatening wounds. the driver did remain on the scene. no word on whether alcohol
6:47 am
played a pack tore in this crash. as for the restaurant itself, there is a tremendous amount of damage to the restaurant, also they have the businesses on either side cordoned off, as we. they want to get a structural engineer in here to make sure everything is safe before they allow people back inside. back to you in the studio. >> thank, megan. for the second time in a week, a frightening scene outside the discovery channel building. a bus burst into flames. a witness capped chured the scene on video. we're told the fire started in the engine. the bus was destroyed. of course last wednesday in that same area, a gun man stormed into the discovery channel building and held these people hostage. metro has a change of heart for changes to its smart trip card. metro was initially going to drop the private card from $5 to $2.50 $2.50. it was also considering stopping people with negative balances from experting the station. however, according to a washington examiner, metro
6:48 am
realized the entire process could be too complicated and cause the agency to lose $1 million a month. metro is expected to take another look at the issue later this month. and get ready for more metro holiday station closures. the transit system will use the columbus day holiday to replace track switches on the blue and orange line. there will be no service at metro center. the red line, will, however, continue to serve. they did similar work on the red line over the labor day holiday. this year you will once again see christmas and hanukkah decorations set up outside the louden county courthouse. after months of debate, the county board of supervisors voted against a ban on holiday displays out side the historic courthouse in leesburg. the board voted 8-1 to allow them and says the public has a right to free speech and that holiday displays are a part of
6:49 am
exercising that right. governor bob mcdonnell says he's hoping to raise more than $450 million by selling off the commonwealth's state-owned liquor stores to private businesses. the plan will also include a tax on alcohol bought by bars and restaurantses. and the number of liquor licenses would be tripled to 1,000. critics say it could lead to a liquor store on every corner, but the governor disputes that. the plan reserves most of the licenses for large outheads like grocery and discount stores. the money raised would help fund transportation projectses in virginia. in today's business headlines, president obama says that the u.s. cannot afford to extend the bush tax cuts. the president said that keeping tax cuts for those who are already millionaires would cost $700 billion in borrowing over the next ten years. the president's comments yesterday in ohio raises the stakes ahead of the november election in which the issue of extending the bush tax cuts will be a hot topic of debate. and the holidays are just around
6:50 am
the corner. don't say it. and one company has been gearing up for the holiday rush for months already. toys "r" us has announced plans to ramp up its holiday sales by opening 600 temporary express stores that will be open until january. the move will be six times last year's effort. and will create 10,000 seasonal jobs. the toy retailer hopes the plan will make the company more competitive with walmart and target. it's now easier to stay connected in downtown d.c. the city has in-falled 223 wi-fi hot spots. they run along the department of agriculture and the smithsonian institution. the private company cisco donated the network hardware and level three donated the internet services. city officials are hoping it will improve the national mall for both residents and for po tourists. washington ranks in the top
6:51 am
five cities for college students according to a survey by the american institute for pick research. the organization identified 222 metro areas with at least 15,000 students. and then it shows the top 75. the rankings are based on 12 criteria in three general categories, academic, environment, quality of life and professional opportunity. san francisco and new york top that list. boston and seattle round out the top five. charlottesville, virginia, made the top ten and a list of smaller states. >> good to know we're attracting college students. >> and they're back, too, and up early and watching us. good to have you you with us this morning. >> studying all night. >> you pulled an all night errands getting ready for classes this morning and many students are looking for sweaters to read because it has cooled down dramatically. in fact our temperature has dropped about 35 degrees. look at that sunrise. the earth's shadow receding to
6:52 am
the west and we're out of the shadow here. a live view from our sky watcher camera and from adams morgan, morning side and silver spring, temperatures are down into the low 60s and dew points in the mid-40s. that's at reagan national. light northwesterly breeze. radar scanning the sky, no precipitation around the region. temperatures are in the 50s now in central and northern montgomery county, western fairfax county, arlington now low 60s. hoe 60s in prince george's county. out of the mountains, only in the fourth. eastern shore near 60 away from the waters. high pressure moving in from canada giving us this fresh cool change that is going to be in place near today, tomorrow and into saturday for the students waiting for buses this morning, it's going to be clear and school. and we'll have a light breeze out of the northwest that will pick up a bit by midday. and highs reaching near 08 with lots of sunshine. the winds should diminish tonight and will be cool again
6:53 am
by dawn on friday into the 50s. and then tomorrow another day a lot like today. saturday increasing clouds with highs near 80, morning low in the 50s. and then sunday, some rain likely off and on perhaps during the morning and through midday and probably ending by midafternoon east of the bay by the evening. and drying out for the skins/cowboys game sunday night. back to work and school next week with dry weather returning. check the weather anytime, weather channel on cable. ashley, how is the traffic? starting you off with a slow exit on to eastbound route 4. the issue is a disabled truck. they're in the process of clearing that, but drivers are squeezing to the far left to get by that. and the pace on 4 is absolutely fine. elsewhere around the region as you travel along 95 headed in the northbound direction, it will be heavy out of wood bridge up to lorton, but off and on brakes leaving the beltway. 66 headed east bound. lighter thanniest and volu yest.
6:54 am
here's the pace just after 123. chopper 4 live over the capital beltway through bethesda. here's the pace over top of georgia avenue. no major accidents to report right now. and that's the outer loop that's a little bit more congested than the inner, but no major delays. back to you guys. with just days left until primary day in d.c., a new opinion poll is giving challenge irvin sent gray a leg up over mayor fenty. it both are hitting the trail hard this week to make hair final pitch to residents. tracee wilkins joins us live with details. >> reporter: the chairman has been saying that regardless of what the polls are showing, he is still going to fight in this race and the mayor is saying the exact same thing. this is definitely going to be a competitive race. according to this new independent poll released yesterday, gray's lead over fenty has grown from five points to now seven points.
6:55 am
the poll finds there is a racial divide among likely voters. 62% of african-americans for gray and 17% for fenty. but fenty heeds among white voters and 13% of voters polleded are still undecided. the mayor also has reportedly reached out to the white house in hopes of an endorsement. later on today we should have some information on the board of elections on just how many people here in the d.c. area have been participating in early voting. back to you in the studio. tracee, thank you. here are the top stories. the fbi is it warning of retaliation against a florida church for the planned burning of islam's holy book this weekend. agents have released an intel against bulletin with possible thets against the gainesville pastor. the number of people dying in car crashes is at its lowest level since 1950. safety officials say deaths are down because more drivers are wearing seatbelts, avoiding
6:56 am
drunk driving and vehicles have barry safety features. some states across the country are experiencing some really wild weather. at least two deaths are being blamed on massive flooding called by what's left of tropical storm hermine will texas. and in colorado, crews continue to battle one of the most devastating wildfires in that state's history with more than 130 homes destroyed. and the nfl season kicks off tonight, the super bowl champion new orleans saints will host the vikings in the first game of the season. that kickoff concert starts at 7:30 followed by the game at 8:30. all right here on nbc 4. >> let's find out how the day is shaping up. >> we're banking chk basking in glory of a beautiful autumn-hike morning. sunshine today, highs reaching near 80 this afternoon. a bit of a blustery northwest wind, but it's cool now, just in the fifth a50s and 60s. increasing clouds saturday, high near 80.
6:57 am
and hsunday, likely showers mainly in the morning, but ought to be dry for the game sunday night. >> thanks, tom. and that's "news 4 today." thanks for starting your day with us. >> have a great day. hey, let me see that map for a second.
6:58 am
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